Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State is paving the way for massive voter fraud

Ohio Sec-State Jennifer Brunner is blocking observers from monitoring the early voting proceedings. Under Ohio's voting laws, people can come to the polling stations until October 6th to cast a ballot in the presidential election without proper ID or any proof of residency.

When contacted by a radio talk show host, Jeff Ortega from the Sec-State office stated that observers were not being allowed in because they were not provided for under the law. Not that they were banned by law, just that they were "not provided for". So Brunner has been allowed to interpret that as she pleases in not allowing observers at all. When asked as to how these ballots will be accounted for in their voracity, Ortega would only say that safeguards were in place. He refused to elaborate on what the mysterious safeguards were and, when pressed, quickly got off of the phone. Here is the link. Click on Brunner's photo for the audio. It is well worth a listen:

Check here for video of an observer being turned away as well as information on voter fraud happening in West Virginia.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time Warner yanks video

The "Burning Down the House" YouTube video done by The MouthPeace was yanked off of YouTube by Time Warner. I'm sure the reason they gave was copyright infringement for the music. However, it has been re-done and is back. The new link:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The MouthPeace

The MouthPeace is rapidly becoming my favorite YouTube guy. Not only did he supply the video for my earlier post, he provides a great one on my girl Sarah:

also one on Obama's view on sex ed for kindergarteners: (love the soundtrack!)

as well as a re-tooled version (actually the original one) of the video I posted earlier. I mention it, because there are interesting facts not presenting in the other one and I like ABBA.

and most interestingly, What Would JFK Say About Barack Obama?

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

My husband showed me this video this morning. He used it in a little debate that he is having with a friend. I'm not going to go into what the debate was, but I liked the video and it is thought provoking. Of course the material will come as no shock to anyone who has worked in real estate for the last decade. All of this is old news in my business. It is only now that the general population is finding out about the "sudden" financial crisis because it is now affecting the entire economy.

This is a hard topic to pass judgment on. Everyone wants the American Dream. House in the suburbs, white picket fence, 2.1 kids. Truth be told though, not everyone had the financial resources to meet the burdens that they were taking on with subprime ARM. The people that "qualified" (and I use the term very loosely) for these mortgages were the easy targets. When you are feeling low on the totem pole, the idea that you can buy your own house is fiendishly tempting whether or not you understand exactly what an ARM can do to you and your family in a few years.


A low income family's dream come true right? These mortgages should have come with a warning label:

Surgeon General's Warning: Obtaining an ARM is dangerous to your economic health.

Surgeon General's Warning: Subprime financing by Freddie/Fannie may result in Financial Injury, Premature Bankruptcy and Low Dollar Value.

I mean, they have to do it for cigarettes right? Who is going to suffer more this year? People who smoke or the everyman dealing with this economic fallout? As a landlord, people are often confused by the enthusiasm that my husband and I have for our tenants to go and buy their own homes. "Why do you want to lose your tenants to a house purchase?????" Well, quite frankly, we like seeing our tenants do well for themselves. However, we have never ever ever supported the idea of one of our tenants buying a house that they really could not afford and we have, on more than one occasion, taken the time to advise a tenant before getting themselves into a bad deal. We have been there ourselves, but fortunately could see the forest through the trees.

A million years ago when we were trying for our first commercial mortgage on our big property, we had absolutely nothing to recommend us. Really, we were just kids who suddenly found themselves having to play in the big game and we didn't know what the hell we were doing. We did need a mortgage however. It was our first encounter with Predatory Lending or, as a friend preferred to call them "whore lenders". These lenders are unbelieveable in their tactics. Commercial lenders require 3 years of financial records from the corporation they are lending too. It's fair enough, except when you need a mortgage and have not been in business for three years (like we were at the time). Then it gets a little more tricky. The whore lenders will stop at nothing to get your business, especially one like ours. At the time we were looking for financing with an LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) of 20%. Basically, what this means is that we were asking for a mortgage that was 20% of what our real estate was worth. It is a very good investment on a bank's part since they would theoretically make up to 80% profit if we defaulted on our loan and they had to sell the asset. Most commercial real estate loans are more likely around an LVR of 75 -80%. Predatory lenders in the housing market were willing to consider LVRs of 125%. So technically, a borrower under these loans not only had no equity in their property, but were already deep in the hole from day one of the loan. Throw in an adjustable rate in 5 years and BAM! Credit crisis, defaults, bankruptcy.

Predatory lenders can be smelled a mile away. One tried to get us to take a loan that was full recourse (meaning we were personally responsible for the fallout of a default, including our personal assets not relating to the property being mortgaged) along with signed undated letters of resignation from our corporation. What this meant was, they could at any time fire us from our own corporation, decide not to pay the mortgage and then still hold US liable for a default. In the words of my girl Sarah, we said "thanks, but no thanks". Fortunately for us, we were able to get a loan in the tradition manner with a decent fixed rate from our own bank. Others are not so lucky and they are the ones who fell for the sweet talk. When we told the predatory lender we were not interested in his BS proposal he said, no joke, "But I thought we were friends". Trust me. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Now we will all pay the price of these friendships.

GOP concerned about Palin

I'll admit, that I had hoped she would be a stronger speaker. It does not necessarily factor negatively in my opinion of her suitability though. I don't think that smooth talker absolutely makes a better president/vice president. Bill Clinton is one of the most polished public speakers around today, and I thought he was a terrible president. We'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Barack Obama's opposition to Born Alive Act

I've tried keeping my religious opinion on this race out of the blog since some of my friends, specifically Patrick, are quick to rightly point out that the topic of abortion is a red herring during elections. I am who I am though, and after taking in the discussions of Obama's view on the Born Alive Act, I have to comment on this. The MSM has been very quick to batter Sarah over the head because of her religious views and views on abortion. I would like to think that I support abortion in cases of incest, but then I hear things like that poor woman in Austria that has six kids by her crazy father and was kept locked up in a basement for years. I have to wonder, does she love her children anyway? Are they the only reminders of what her father did to her? I don't think so. I would imagine that even if she never had a child, she would never ever forget the violations that she endured. But, I digress.

When I first heard about the Born Alive Act, I got physically sick. I don't know what rock I have been hiding under, especially considering that I am such a strong advocate for pro-life, but now reading about the fact that there are abortions being carried out at such an advanced stage that the fetuses can actually survive outside the womb just astonishes me. The fact that these babies are left to die, brings me to my knees. I'm not trying to be dramatic here. I've seen and heard lots of horrible things and taken them with a strong stomach. Reading about the 31 year old woman who survived an abortion and the stories of what goes on today actually made me vomit. IMO, the moral highground is gone. It is strictly infanticide and to try to call it anything else is just ridiculous. If an abortion results in a live birth, just have the mother sign her rights away and let her get on with life. Thousands of childless couples would give their eye teeth to have these unwanted children as their own. I don't want to hear anymore of this "my body, my choice" crap. If this baby is surviving outside of your body, it is no longer your choice, so just shut up and go home. Never think about this child again if that is what you want. But if you order a living baby's execution, then you deserve whatever hell you get.

Obama, no matter how he tries to spin it, voted against medical treatment for these unwanted children. Then he lied about it. A truly vile human being if there ever was one. I can't pretend to be unbiased anymore. My scale has been tipped irrevocably and heaven help us all if this immoral murderer takes charge of our country.