Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State is paving the way for massive voter fraud

Ohio Sec-State Jennifer Brunner is blocking observers from monitoring the early voting proceedings. Under Ohio's voting laws, people can come to the polling stations until October 6th to cast a ballot in the presidential election without proper ID or any proof of residency.

When contacted by a radio talk show host, Jeff Ortega from the Sec-State office stated that observers were not being allowed in because they were not provided for under the law. Not that they were banned by law, just that they were "not provided for". So Brunner has been allowed to interpret that as she pleases in not allowing observers at all. When asked as to how these ballots will be accounted for in their voracity, Ortega would only say that safeguards were in place. He refused to elaborate on what the mysterious safeguards were and, when pressed, quickly got off of the phone. Here is the link. Click on Brunner's photo for the audio. It is well worth a listen:

Check here for video of an observer being turned away as well as information on voter fraud happening in West Virginia.

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